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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

West Virginia?

Last week, SurveyUSA released a poll showing Obama up by +8 in West Virginia. Nobody was sure what to do with this, since it had been 3 weeks or so since the last poll. Another poll by InsiderAdvantage released today shows McCain up by 2 points (49-47). Taken together, we see that West Virginia is now a tossup state, whereas it was ruby red ever since June. The memories of the 2008 Primary have finally faded. The Clintonites are finally turning to support Obama. Obama never had an "Appalachian" problem. He had a Hillary Clinton problem. If Obama can outpoll McCain in West Virginia after losing to Clinton by a wide margin, it tells you that West Virginians have their preferences down straight after all.


Raised By Republicans said...

Well, the economy went in the tank. It wouldn't be unreasonable to argue that ANY of the top Democratic candidates from the primaries would be ahead right now (well, we'd have to use the way back machine to keep Edwards from cheating on his wife while she suffers from cancer). Anyway, the current conditions certainly favor Democrats.

Obama is an especially good figure to have right now though because he is calm and cool right down to his bones. Have you guys seen the youtube clip of him being told there is a spider on his shirt. "Oh, really? Where?" And he - almost zen like - calmly brushes the spider off. The reaction was so slow and considered it really showed off his "I'm a good guy in a crisis" chops.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I dunno. Edwards and the affair would be a problem.

Dr. Strangelove said...

RbR addressed the Edwards issue.