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Monday, October 27, 2008

More good news

Just as I was starting to get worried about Mark Begich's chances in Alaska, I see this headline:

Stevens Found Guilty on All Counts

That's Ted Stevens, longtime senator from Alaska. Can Sarah Palin's coattails save him?


The Law Talking Guy said...

No, because when asked three weeks ago about whether she supported Stevens she said "we'll have to wait and see." Can't do it now.

bell curve said...

I guess what I was really asking is this: it stands to reason that more Alaskans will come out to the polls for Sarah Palin than would have otherwise. Will some of those voters vote for Stevens too? I don't know how much of a difference her endorsement would make.

Raised By Republicans said...

Another question is just how did the Palin's get their house built!? Todd Palin's "buddies" turn out to be the same contractor that, rather surprisingly, got the bid to build that oversized sports center that Sarah Palin mortgaged Wasilla's budget to when she was Mayor.

The Law Talking Guy said...

It really is impossible to imagine that the conviction helps Stevens' chances, and the race was tied or leaning to Begich last week. So I figure the race already took account of Palin when it was tied.

Valar Morghulis said...

McCain has now said Ted Stevens should step down but doesn't that mean that the Democrat Begich should win handily? Does this mean they've already conceded Alaska (and it's three EVs)?

Dr. Strangelove said...

It would appear that Alaska will elect a Democratic Senator, assuming there is no sympathy vote for the elderly convicted felon. McCain's call for Stevens to step down is the last nail in the coffin--unless somehow they can replace Stevens on the ballot at the last minute. But at any rate, the three electoral votes are going to go for McCain-Palin for Pres/VP almost certainly.