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Friday, October 17, 2008

Famous undecided voters ... and some help for undecided voters.

Who are the best-known undecided voters still out there? Well, there's Joe the Plumber, famous for a bit over 24 hours now, who claims to be an undecided voter, but who thinks the Iraq war was a good idea whether or not we found WMDs, says social security is a joke and compared Barack Obama to Sammy Davis, Jr. So I think we can guess which way he'll vote.

Next in line as far as famous undecided voters is Colin Powell. But we might know his decision soon ... he's scheduled to appear on Meet the Press this weekend and it's believed he will endorse a candidate at that time.

Other than those two, the highest-profile undecided voter I can think of is ... wait for it ... Jenna Bush. That story is from April and I haven't seen anything recently to convince me that she's decided. I wonder if she'll vote at all.

Let me give some advice for undecided voters who might be reading this. There are several resources out there to help you decide who to vote for. Try, for instance:

1. USA Today's Candidate Match Game (it's fun, too!)

2. has an interface that's not quite as fun, but more in-depth. Very well-done.

Please check these out if you haven't decided yet. If both candidates are fairly close on these issues, it probably doesn't matter who you vote for.

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