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Friday, October 31, 2008

Leave the Nazis out of it. Really.

For anyone who still might think the "Yes on 8" folks are a reasonable bunch, I offer this astounding video taken at a "Yes on 8" rally on Tuesday, October 28. In this minute-long clip, you can hear Brad Dacus, President of the Pacific "Justice" Institute (my quotation marks) liken supporters of gay marriage to the Nazis. Specifically, Dacus says Christians in Nazi Germany failed to take a stand against Adolf Hitler, and "Christians" in California must not make the same mistake: they must do everything they can to pass Proposition 8.

It is hard to imagine a more twisted argument. If anyone here could possibly be said to be following in the tradition of Hitler, surely it would be a hatemonger like Dacus himself who would use the power of the state to define gays and lesbians as second-class citizens! If you absolutely must make an analogy to the Nazis about this--and really, you just shouldn't--then you had better at least take a look at the US National Holocaust Museum and learn what the Nazis (most of whom claimed to be Christian) actually did to homosexuals.

Unless the issue involves murdering thousands of people, just leave the Nazis out of it. Please.


Raised By Republicans said...

Behold the American Taliban.

Dr. Strangelove said...

Here's a great ad by the way! It relates Prop. 8 to the history of anti-Armenian laws, Japanese internment in California, and bans on interracial marriage. Samuel L. Jackson narrates. It felt good to see an ad finally show pictures of loving gay and lesbian families--with kids!--and a voice telling us we have an obligation to leave our children a more tolerant and happier society. This ad gets an A+ in my book. Best one I've seen all year, for any issue!

The Law Talking Guy said...

Those people should be smacked hard with lead pipes. The failure of Christians in Germany was a failure to stand up for other people, including gays and lesbians. The analogy is exactly backwards. These so-called Christians, including Mormons, are on the side of the fascists.

Pombat said...

Mmmmm, Bigots for Jesus. Tasty tasty bigots.

ps please can someone get one of them to post on here so that I can shout at them? kthxbai.

The Law Talking Guy said...

The sweetest revenge is electoral victory!