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Friday, October 10, 2008

Prop 8 Alert!

Hi Everyone,

I've been hearing a lot lately about how the tide may be turning in favor of passing Prop 8,  the anti-equality proposition out in California.  The left may be getting too comfortable and complacent out there.  Apparently not content to run Utah like a theocracy, the Mormon Church is pouring money into California to get Prop 8 passed.  The LDS has also issued a Fatwah or whatever the Mormon version of that is urging Mormons in California to campaign for Prop 8.  

You  can donate to the No On 8 campaign here.  With the Mormon Church throwing its considerable weight behind this, right thinking Californians will need our help!

What do the Mormons have against Gay marriage anyway.  What do they care if there are few planet-gods who are gay and have gay planets??


The Law Talking Guy said...

It is shameful, however, that a church that pioneered alternative forms of marriage has such a closed mind and spends its members' dollars trying to influence elections in states with only very small Mormon populations.

Kevin said...

This terrifies me. Keeping spreading the word.

Dr. Strangelove said...

Good news though: Connecticut just made same-sex marriage legal! There are now three states that permit it. If Prop 8 is defeated in California, more states will follow and allow same-sex couples to marry.

There is a silver lining. Every dollar the Mormons spend to defeat Prop 8 is one dollar not going to McCain.

Raised By Republicans said...

We are seeing some mobilization around both sides of Prop 8. The real question will be about turnout in the campaign. This favors a "no" vote.

Pombat said...

Three down, just forty-seven to go, yay!!! (I'm assuming Prop 8 will be passed, or gotten rid of, or whichever one means gay marriage remains legal. I'm not paying enough attention to which is which, as I can't vote on it)

Mormons - just trying to raise their profile a bit? New recruits been a bit thin on the ground, so getting in early to establish themselves as the most Republican of the major churches? Jealous that everyone knows about Scientology these days, and no-one seems to care about them anymore?...

I can't wait until Australia catches up to the whole equality thang - they're partway there, in that gay relationships can be recognised as de facto, which is even good enough to get a partner/spouse residency visa to come to / remain in Australia (the forms are exactly the same as for straight-married and straight-de facto couples, but the visa subclass numbers are different: I know because I have the straight-de facto one), and various legislation is being tweaked to allow more benefits (e.g. joint pensions etc). But no sign of actual marriage yet. Am still hopeful though - Rudd said Sorry, so there might yet be a Federal wotsit (political term used late at night) to make gay marriage fully legal here. I figure the more countries / states that make it legal, the more likely the rest are to follow.