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Monday, September 01, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Hits St. Paul, Minnesota

This may be the first tropical cyclone to make it to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. After being totally unprepared for Katrina, the Bush administration, the McCain campaign, and the RNC are totally panicking over Gustav. Two million people have evacuated their homes. Nobody knows what is going to become of the GOP convention.

I am reminded that Focus on the Family (run by rightwing nutjob James Dobson) actually urged its supporters to pray for rain during Obama's outdoor speech. They later said it was a 'joke.' These people don't joke. Dobson used to ask them to pray for the death of Supreme Court justices too. Well, the GOP got rain. Lots of rain. If you really believe in a God that would interfere in weather systems (and kill people in the Caribbean) to make a petty political point, this cannot be comforting.

I cannot believe how politically dumb the GOP is being. Millions of people are trapped indoors, or in hotel rooms, probably more than willing to listen to what the Republicans would say about them at the convention. Millions more are at least curious how the GOP will handle this. We keep hearing that the convention doesn't want to be celebrating while the hurricane hits. So don't celebrate! Be somber. Nobody in the GOP wants to celebrate McCain anyway.

Now there is a chance that McCain will travel to the Gulf to make his acceptance speech. Are you f**king serious? Can you
imagine the outcry if Obama had grandstanded like that? Does McCain really think he will be thought of differently? Does he want to have to show up with Republican Louisiana Senator David Vitter who is supposedly no longer using prostitutes in DC? To use the hurricane as a *backdrop* for a political speech at this point in time? Stupid, stupid. All this weekend talk about uncertainty over what the Republicans will do at their convention makes them look weak, disorganized, and incompetent.

Advice to GOP: Get a plan. Get a grip. Try not to let your party's incompetence in every policy field spread to something as simple as holding a political convention. Stay in Minnesota and have numerous prayer moments for the victims of Gustav. Compare it to 9/11 and the country coming together. It's the sort of sanctimonious bullshit your party's base loves.

Just one other thing, guys: while Gustav is knocking out oil platforms and refineries, be careful about praising offshore drilling as the best long-term bet. Uh, no. Too bad oil drilling is about all Sarah Palin apparently can talk about...


Raised By Republicans said...

Allegedly not using prostitutes anymore is a pretty serious charge there LTG. Are you sure you have the evidence to back it up?

Remember the last speech McCain gave in New Orleans? It was the now infamous "cottage cheese and lime green jello" speech.

I'm sorry but this is just perfect poetic justice for the Republicans. Most people blame Bush (and by extension the GOP) for the inept response to Katrina. If nothing else, this hurricane (and hurricane Hanna off the Florida coast) will keep FEMA and storm responses in the news cycle for over a week. Not what the GOP wanted to be talking about for the first part of September.

About the only benefit this has for the Republicans is that the storm has given Bush a face saving way to not attend the Republican convention. He's in a command center somewhere shaking hands and pretending to make decisions.

Dr. Strangelove said...

"Can you imagine the outcry if Obama had grandstanded like that? Does McCain really think he will be thought of differently?"

Yes, and yes. The news media have decided so far that the story is that Republicans are doing much better with Gustav than last time. But perhaps McCain will provide us with a Barbara Bush moment. And at least we are all now spared 1 day of the GOP convention.

Raised By Republicans said...

"The news media have decided so far that the story is that Republicans are doing much better with Gustav than last time."

Wow. Talk about a low bar!

Yes, McCain is a gaffe machine. He'll flub his lines or otherwise embarrass himself down there. Or Sarah Palin will make a racially insensitive remark owing to her complete lack of experience dealing with people who aren't either White or Native Americans (and guess who's in charge up in Alaska).

The Law Talking Guy said...

David Vitter admitted to using prostitutes in DC. He says it's over. I can honestly say I don't feel like taking him at his word. I think it's fun that McCain would have to either show up with him or not show up with him. Either one a fun choice.

Gee, aren't they wishing they'd picked Jindal??

Bob said...

Nicely written post, LTG. Several bon mots made me grin, but "Nobody in the GOP wants to celebrate McCain anyway" is my favorite.

It seems to me that this just shows that the GOP doesn't have the resolve to do what needs to be done. We all know that resolve and determination is all that is required, and they ain't got it.

Surely if the GOP changes its convention plans, then the hurricanes win.

Raised By Republicans said...

"Surely if the GOP changes its convention plans, then the hurricanes win."

And we all know that when the hurricanes win baby Jesus cries.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Did you see Miss Minnesota 2008 singing the national anthem at the start of the RNC? It was bad enough that the musial setting was excessively martial. But why on earth was she wearing a tiara?