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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

One Minute Per Year In Office

So here I am watching the Republican national convention.  Laura Bush is on right now.  She's going to introduce President Bush who will speak via video because he's using the hurricane to not show up to his own party's convention.  Think about this.  The man was their hero for 8 years.  They nominated him twice and rigged a couple of elections to get him in office.  And tonight he'll speak, via video, for a scheduled 8 minutes.  I'll pause now to listen...  He started speaking at 9:54 pm EST.  He wrapped up right on time at 10:02 pm EST.  

He led with a reference to his missing the convention because of Gustav and public service announcement about listening to local authorities in the aftermath of the storm.  I'm really annoyed by one thing Bush said:  "If the Hanoi Hilton cannot break John McCain's resolve ... you can bet that the angry left never will."  I think this is exactly why Obama has such appeal.  People are sick of politicians identifying their opponents in elections as "the enemy."  

8 years in office and all his party gave him was 8 minutes that weren't even aired live on the three major networks.  


USwest said...

I heard bits of the convention this evening. Maybe it is me, but it seems that the ONLY thing they are talking about is Palin. And it's one of those, "I think they doth protest too much" moments. They are just bubbling over with what a great choice the woman is. They think that this makes their election "historic". Well guys, I hate to tell you, but Palin is only the SECOND woman to run for VP. So I am not sure how historic that really is.

I am also struck by their attempts to sound excited about John McCain. Their lips are moving and the sound is coming out, and the key words are all there, but I am just not detecting genuine emotion behind it all. Am I alone in that observation? I mean, he is sort of their nominee by default, not desire.

At this point, if LTG is right, and the RNC told McCain that Liberman would result in a floor fight, then I am left wondering if McCain went looking for a replacement that would spite them. I heard this evening that there are questions about Palin once being a member of the Alaska Independence Party- a group that wants to succeed from the Union. And they get onto Obama about flag pins and a reverend who damn's America? Geeze, she's just a little precious gift that keeps on giving. I gotta wonder what Joe Biden is saying to himself right now.

Raised By Republicans said...

Biden will have to be very careful with Palin. Even if she is a complete idiot, Biden could get roasted for exposing here. The "stop picking on the woman" cry has traction. It worked to some extent for Hillary in the debates. I've heard even more successful examples senate and gubernatorial races.

Dr. Strangelove said...

I think Biden will do well. I am not too worried about him. His one-liner ("yes") that you quoted a while back tells me that Biden actually listens to the questions and answers them, while I assume Palin will just segue to a talking point as fast as she can, without answering. The contrast will be clear.

BoskoLives said...

"Stop picking on the woman" won't fly after tonight's prima donna showing, she's hoisted herself on her own vibrator as it were. Joe Biden now has free run on this moron, she's going to get an education in how kids play in the big city.

Going to get a twist in her knickers she will.