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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Palin Doctrine

Conservative shysters have now devised a scheme to explain away Gov. Sarah Palin's embarrassing inability to answer Charles Gibson's question regarding the "Bush Doctrine." Their pocket pundits now claim there are several different Bush Doctrines, so when Palin looked like she was trying to dodge the question, she was really just innocently asking for clarification.

Of course that "explanation" might make more sense if Palin had actually indicated she thought there were multiple Bush Doctrines, or if there actually were multiple Bush Doctrines--although in that case apparently she did not know any of them. I have lamented time and time again about the right wing's total disdain and disregard for the truth. Here we go again.

McCain and Palin are now out-and-out lying about Palin's record regarding the "Bridge to Nowhere" and requesting "earmarks." It has become so blatant that the media is now--amazingly--actually starting to call them on it. The Republican response is, of course, to attack the press for bias. As Paul Krugman recently put it, at least the Bush campaigns had the decency only to tell lies that required a little thought or knowledge of mathematics to recognize.

Palin continues to claim credit, wrongly, for ending the "Bridge to Nowhere." She continues to claim, wrongly, that she never sought "earmarks" when she was Governor. Palin espouses creationism yet dismisses global warming as a myth. And on and on. She seems to believe that if you just keep wishing hard enough--if you just keep repeating a lie over and over again--then you can make it true. This must be the Palin Doctrine.


The Law Talking Guy said...

I watched (online) that part of the interview. It was clear that Palin was not asking for "clarification" about which Bush doctrine was at issue. It was obvious as hell that she had no idea what Charlie Gibson was talking about. Rather than responding, say, "What do you mean by the Bush doctrine - Bush has a lot of doctrines." She tried to pretend that she knew what it was while getting Gibson to tell her what it was so she could answer.

But even when he told her, she still couldn't answer. Obviously, she's never really thought about anything except oil drilling.

Pretty sad stuff.

Raised By Republicans said...

But Palin was Commander In Chief of the Alaskan National Guard in our constant military struggles with Russia.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Ignoring the real threat from Canada within spitting distance of Juneau. Typical.