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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alaska Republicans Reject Palin

Alaska had its primary election for its (only) seat in the House of Representatives. Don Young, the Republican, has been ensnared in the same sort of corruption scandal that took down Frank Murkowski and has landed Senator Ted Stevens in a criminal trial. Palin championed Lt. Gov Sean Parnell for the seat (only in such a small state is Lt. Gov not as good a job as Congressman). She and he lost in a close race. Don Young won the Alaska GOP primary. So much for her vaunted popularity among Alaskan Republicans. Pollsters expect Young to lose to the Democrat, Ethan Berkowitz, giving yet another victory to the Dems in the Fall. Pollsters also expect Ted Stevens to lose to Democratic Anchorage Mayor Begich.

Oh, and when McCain says she beat former gov Tony Knowles (D) "like a drum" in 2006, it's another Mccain lie. She got just 48% of the vote in a 3-way race.


Dr. Strangelove said...

I thought McCain's "like a drum" comment referred to Palin's 51% victory in a 3-way race over incumbent governor Frank Murkowski in the Republican Primary that year. But I could be wrong.

Valar Morghulis said...

I can't wait until she goes away

The Law Talking Guy said...

First of all, the comment referred to both (he said it of both). Second, 51% is not beating like a drum. That's a bare majority. Third, Murkowski came in third with 19%, with John Binkley getting 30%. So its' not like it was hard to beat Murkowski that time around, apparently.