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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Americans Are Pissed Off

"We're mad as hell and we aren't gonna take it anymore!" That seems to be the attitude of the American people. This bailout is the last straw.

The NYT is reporting that Representatives and Senators are getting slammed by constituents 95% AGAINST a bailout. The article is interesting. It shows what people really think of this administration. No wonder McCain is calling to cancel his campaigning. He's going to get painted as a White House supporter.

The best quote from the article:

War opponents, for instance, are telling lawmakers that they are tired of an administration that, in Mr. McDermott’s words [Rep. Jim McDermott of Washington, D], has “cried wolf” and played “the fear card” too many times by leading the nation into war in Iraq to find nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and curbing civil rights in the name of pursuing terrorists

I'm glad. It shows that Americans are tired of taking it lying down. They are still interested and engaged after what seemed to be a long period of complacency.


Raised By Republicans said...

I guess that's where I stand now too. I have yet to hear any explanation in detail for why this bail is necessary. I sure as hell haven't heard any reason why Paulson should be given complete control over disbursement without any Congressional oversight.

The Law Talking Guy said...

It will not help Obama to play ball with all of it.

Spotted Handfish said...

When I heard Bush's speech I must admit my first reaction was to not believe him, and I wondered if he had cried wolf too many times.

I can understand the desire to ensure the system does not seize up, which was my initial impression of certain companies were being nationalised. But seizing up does not include propping up. Years ago (late 80s) in Australia former Treasurer and later Prime Minister Paul Keating was ridiculed for the statement "This is the recession Australia had to have." Maybe you/we face this now.

Recently I saw an interview with Paul Keating -- prior to Howard losing government in Australia -- where he was asked about how fiscally responsible the incumbent government has been. He commented that yes they had gotten public debt down to 15% of GDP, but had done nothing about the "elephant under the carpet" in the huge private debt. Now I'm more worried about the elephant graveyard the US has lurking.

USwest said...

You know, when Warren Buffet sees a great opportunity to dump $5 bil into Goldman Sachs, you know there are interesting investment opportunities for others like him. And a while back I heard someone say that there was a lot of capital just waiting on the sidelines for a good moment. Maybe now is it.

Furthermore, I am totally pissed off that Congress' plan to issue the funds in increments is being poopooed. That makes me very suspicious. $250 bil isn't small change. I think that is a wise way to go about doing things. The fact that the White House is claiming that this won't "save" the system makes me very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

Ask them to explain the black-hole
of the derivatives..........