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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What If They Blew Up An Embassy And No One Noticed?

So Al Qaeda is being blamed for a deadly bombing at the US Embassy in Yemen (long a hot bed of Al Qaeda operations and recruiting - not to mention the home of the Bin Laden family).  But it's not the top story.  The top story is still the nationalization of AIG.  

Even if it were the big story what does this say?  It says that Al Qaeda is not defeated and indeed is as capable of attacking us as they were before 9/11.  So while this MIGHT make people freak out and turn to their Republican macho security blanket, it also undermines the Republican boasting about not having been attacked since 9/11.  

But still, the big story today is the AIG thing.  Al Qaeda (and McCain) must be very frustrated.

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The Law Talking Guy said...

Al Qaeda attacks in Yemen are not news. Post-9/11 Al Qaeda attacks around the world are not news. A Bush policy that fixates on Iraq rather than Al Qaeda is not news. So forgive the press (and the blogosphere) for yawning a bit.