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Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama Getting Tough

I like this ad a lot.  It does several things Obama needs to do.  First, it directly calls McCain a liar (which he is).  Second, by entitling the ad "honor" it pushes the one button guaranteed to make McCain lose his temper and act like an out of control ass.  Third, it puts the focus on McCain - Sarah who?  Finally, it keeps up the message that McCain is just running for a third Bush term.

This ad is only possible because the media switched gears last week.  They went from combination of cowed submission and fawning obsession with Sarah Palin to actually reporting the myriad of outright lies being spread by McCain's ads.  Because the McCain ads are established as lies in the mainstream press, Obama can now run with that in an ad without having to go through a lot of clumsy comparisons and arguments first.  


USWest said...

Gee, do you think McCain and Sarah sound a little alike? Bullying opponents? Interfering in hiring decisions that have nothing to do with them?

Read the NTY article pn Palin that RBR posted, then read the Washington Post article on McCain. Scary similar.

USwest said...

And check this out from Daily Kos. If you think the Rovaian tatics are of yesteryear, think again.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Yow! My only criticism is that we need the Bush/McCain visual too! Maybe that's best saved up for October.

Waves crest. That's what's happened with the Palin wave. The media didn't shift gears so much as just behave as the media does as a popularity wave crests. We're not done yet, but the polls are starting to show McCain's fortunes receding again. And the terrible economic news can't help either. We desperately need new leadership in America, and McCain is as new as Cheney.

Anonymous said...

McCain and Palin are the bridge to nowhere!