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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here's a Post for US West

Pombat got one just for herself and now US West gets one!  :-)

In a comment on the VP picks compared thread, US West said,

One thing Olbermann asked Obama the other day is why is was so wrong to call a lie a lie. If people are telling lies, why not use that term. Obama obfuscated.

And US West expressed satisfaction with Obama's reaction to the "lipstick on a pig" controversy today. 

Here is a new ad that comes right out and says that McCain and Palin are liars.  Here is a slightly modified version.  I like the second version better.  Enjoy!

UPDATE:  I see that Dr. Stangelove would like to see the new ads played a lot. 


USwest said...

Again, YES< YES< YES! That is what we need. Lots of it. I want to see these ads played a lot as well!

It looks like Obama is getting his land legs back!

Thanks, RBR.

I also think that Obama would do well to focus less on "Undecideds" and to focus on more on getting out the youth vote.

Undecideds are going to vacillate no matter what. But we can capture the youth now. And they will come out in droves. They did in the primaries.

I know they have great programs on MySpace and 2nd life. But they may considers some TV spots targeted at young people. Talk about the lack of affordable university education, about the wars that young people are being asked to fight, about loan debacles at Sallie Mae, about the environment and how Republicans don't care about posterity,etc.

Raised By Republicans said...

How do you like the whip cracking sound with the picture of McCain and Palin together? A subliminal coded reference to their upside down ticket? She's the one getting the hype and attention. If McCain gave a talk at one end of town and Palin at the other, guess which one would be fully attended.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Whipcracking and the word "naked"? This is a very clever ad. The 'maverick' theme gives them total deniability, but there is an undercurrent here that McCain has been "whipped" into being a right-winger. Or what we used to call (before TV censors infected the language) "pussy-whipped." Very clever.

Raised By Republicans said...

The next step is for the Obama campaign to switch up their attacks on Palin. They need to start saying things like, "Hey, who's in charge here?" and "who's carrying who?" and "who's protecting who from the press?" and things like that.