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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Question of the Night

Seventh Sister would like to ask:  What character from Northern Exposure would make the best candidate for Vice President and why?


Raised By Republicans said...


Think of it. He lurks in the shadows as a kind of ominous presence for most of the time but when he's needed he appears, drops some pearls of wisdom and then cooks some really good food and then goes back into the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Ruth Anne Miller would be a great pick - smart, no-nonsense, runs the local store, postal clerk. She is an atheist, but I think she'd do a good job as VP.

Holling Vincouer is another possibility, but he was born in the Yukon.

-Seventh Sister

Bob said...

Good observation on Holling, who woulda been my choice (kinda like a better-written Lloyd Bentsen), but as you say he's Canadian.

For the Republicans, I would think Maurice has the right biography.

Marilyn, while politically infeasible, would be the best sort of Vice President. Wise in a crisis, and silent the rest of the time. We could use some more Coolidge-like administration.

BoskoLives said...

It would have to be the old guy at the restaurant who is banging the much younger blonde, so we have a matching pair. Also, he's going to be more likely to be in a good mood and too tired to do much.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Sarah Palin thinks she's Maggie. Actually, she's Maggies' mother.

Clearly, the best candidate is Marilyn. Total TR all the way.