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Thursday, September 04, 2008

John McCain's Big Night

Hi Everybody,

So the video tribute preceding McCain's speech made the new strategy clear.  John McCain is now going to be a Noun, a Verb and "Hanoi Hilton."  For all his protests that he doesn't like to exploit his POW experiences for political gain, he's pretty much going into full bore exploit mode now.  But let's be honest.  John McCain was a POW and he was hero for not accepting early release.  For that we owe him our thanks, our respect and an appropriate pension.  We DO NOT owe him the Presidency!

Here goes the speech.  Oh boy, he's doing the "hey I know you" fake point in the audience thing.  Huge American flag on the giant TV behind him.  

Uh oh, there's a protester in the balcony with a sign saying "You can't win an occupation."  The TV cameras didn't show him for very long.  The protestor is still up there.  He's got tattoos all over his arms and he has a T-shirt that says "Iraq Veterans Against the War."  He's standing up in the audience holding his hands up in two peace signs.

OK, we're a half an hour into the speech now and McCain's speech has been disrupted several times by anti-war protesters.  Two women where muscled off the floor by the security goons.  But not before an angry male Republican was caught on camera yanking away one woman's sign, crumpling it up and throwing it to the ground with a look like he was about to kill her.  Every time one of the protesters started to shout, the crowd would start chanting "USA USA USA."  

The substance of the speech - such as it was - was all about cutting taxes but with no specific taxes mentioned.  Most of the speech was your standard Republican cliches about "culture of life" and "activist judges" and "personal responsibility."  Then there was the "let's distort the other guy's policies" phase.  He accused Obama of wanting to raise taxes and eliminate free trade.  Basically, they're upset that they aren't running against Kucinich so they're just pretending they are.

They've got these obviously fake signs like "Environmentalists for McCain."  But then the speech is about "Drill Baby Drill."  It's all BS.  I really can't see a genuine independent buying any of this.  Aw screw it, I'm going to switch over to the Daily Show.


The Law Talking Guy said...

Well, it's over. We'll see what the poll results are. I presume people won't call it the "Palin Bump," but I think I just might.

USwest said...

I didn't listen. I decided to go swimming instead. I can't bear it. I listened only to the clips on NPR this morning, which were enough for me.Even the Republican pundit, David Frum of "axis of evil" fame was lukewarm on the speech, but then covered it up by saying that McCain did what was necessary. Bottom line, McCain can't deliver a speech.

I agree with RBR, let's quit and go back to Stewart.