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Friday, September 26, 2008

What the polls say about the bail out

In an earlier post US referenced a NYT article that suggested that opposition to the bail out was overwhelming.  And indeed, CNN international seems to be echoing that statement in their questions.  Lots of questions to pundits about "were you surprised at the savage opposition to a bail out?"

But the polls tell a more ambiguous story.  According to 46% of respondents oppose a bail out and 42% support it.  Presumably this was when the only plan being discussed was the Bush-Paulson plan which is the most costly and least democratic (i.e. lacking in oversight or checks and balances).  

The same poll said that 58% supported the concept of a federal bailout.  But 42% said they didn't know enough about what Congress was doing to support any specific plan.  

This is a MUCH different picture.  It suggests that the group that gets tagged as the high demanders or the obstructionists (looking like it will be the House Republicans) will end up getting blamed for any ensuing problems.


The Law Talking Guy said...

McCain just caved, by the way, and is going to the debate in Mississippi. Negotiations may work now that he's gone.

USwest said...

Well, one thing that may be happening is that the most angry people are the ones most likely to call their representatives. So that might be why Congresspeople seem to think so many are against.

Glad McCain caved. He is going to be exposed for the charlatan/strawman that he is.

Dr. Strangelove said...

Flip-flopping on the debate will not look good for McCain. I hope Obama does well.

Raised By Republicans said...

I am certain US West is correct about the angriest people being the ones who call in.

I also am glad that McCain is getting out of D.C. Harry Reid all but blamed him for the impasse today on CNN international.

McCain will also look like an idiot because he will not be prepared to give a coherent position on the bail out and Obama is already on record as having one. Also, Obama is in line with the entire Democratic leadership while McCain cannot claim to be leading a unified party..."If you can't lead your own party how can you lead the nation?"