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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let the Fun Begin

Wonder what Stewart and Colbert have to say about Palin? Check it out here!

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Raised By Republicans said...

"Stewart: “There was also some breaking news out of Ohio today when Republican Presidential candidate John McCain introduced the world to his third wife. Actually, no, wait, that’s his running mate Sarah Palin, freshman governor of Alaska, star and producer of Emmy-winning ‘30 Rock.’ I apologize…the star of the Emmy-winning ‘Will and Grace.’ No, no, I’m sorry…she’s actually the mild-mannered yet troubled librarian from every Cinemax movie."

My first thought was "Oh my GOD! He didn't pick a running mate he picked a new first lady. Seriously. people think Cindy McCain is a stuck up rich trust fund baby with too many houses and a tendency to plagiarize recipes. So he picks someone cuter, younger and more presentable but with no little more experience than the previous model.

RE: Colbert's comments. The Alaska GOP is such disarray because of corruption investigations that she was pretty much the last one standing when they needed a new governor. Now she's under investigation too.