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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh for Christ's Sake, Al! You too Jesse!

OK, I just got in in time to see the tail end of Al Gore droning on and on about the polar ice caps. Now I care about the environment as much as the next guy but one would hope that he idiot Greens in California and Florida have either learned their lesson or won't matter.  And in trying to convince the irrational fringe from 8 years ago, Al Gore was busy convince voters who actually do matter today that Obama is a tree hugging freak!  Please, Al, stop helping!  

Does Al Gore really think that telling Virginia and Texas that Obama is another Lincoln because Lincoln opposed the Mexican American War (and that was the right thing) is smart?  Dude!  What about Colorado?  Yes, Al.  Tell a swing state with 9 electoral votes that Obama opposes their existence.  Geez!   And will telling wavering Republicans in places like Virginia and Arkansas that Obama will be the next Lincoln help?  Please, Al, stop helping!

Then I saw Jesse Jackson ramble on and on about the 60s.  I assume he was talking about the civil rights movement but I only heard "blah blah blah, national guard, Kennedy...blah blah blah Berlin Wall...blah blah blah...Reagan, blah blah."  It was barely coherent.  I can only assume he was drunk.  Or maybe it was me.  I just got back from a rather cathartic happy hour.


Bert Q. Slushbrow, Sr. said...

It was both of you! I bet you were at the same "cathartic" happy hour Jesse was at.

How about that Obama speech? It was great to hear our potential next president sound like a president! A smart person who knows how to use the english language... yay!

Bob said...

As a new Virginian, I can attest (with no justifiable evidence, but never mind) there are no wavering Republicans here.

Virginia is closer primarily because of continuing migration into No.Va. and the cities by DY's like me. And secondarily, state government by Democrats has demonstrated that Dems can be fiscally responsible just as Bush has eroded the GOP reputation in that regard. This might have helped galvanized some marginal (Can I say "bluedoggy"?) Democrats into playing for the right team again.

The folks that would be repelled by comparing Obama to Lincoln were never in play to start with -- they were already repelled by Obama being Obama.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I do agree with RBR that it is strange to stand in Denver, a town that is under US control only because of the 1848 treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ending the Mexican-American war, then praise Lincoln for opposing that "unjust" war. Sure, nobody in the press or elsewhere in the country will get the bizarre irony, but it smacks of not thinking things through.

Btw, I have evidence that Virginian Republicans are wavering, but I can't disclose it on this blog because it concerns my workplace. Trust me, though, prominent Virginians are distancing themselves from the GOP.