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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

John McCain's Temper

Here are a couple of links to video clips of John McCain losing his temper.  This first one is McCain shredding the leader of a POW/MIA activist at a committee hearing on the subject of POW/MIAs and reconciliation with Vietnam.  This is how he talks to his political base!

Here is McCain's version of "no comment."  

It is widely known that McCain has a temper control problem.  He cannot be trusted with "the button."


eiscremeluvr said...

As far as the 'no comment' clip goes, at least you only press the button once--you don't have to keep pressing it, over and over and over and over, insisting that 'everyone in America knows the missles are flying. Why would you ask me about that?'

Mmmm, straight talk.

Raised By Republicans said...


Didn't you know that missiles work just like elevators and cross walk signs? The more you push the button the faster you get what you want.