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Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain's Personal Housing Crisis

Senator John McCain has so many houses he does not even know how many he owns. You can hear him on the politico site. The question was simple, McCain spoke clearly, and his words were not taken out of context. McCain had to say his staff would get back to the interviewer about the question.

Others have now done their homework: Newsweek has counted at least seven homes. Attempting damage control, McCain's staff insist he "only" has four houses he actually considers homes (the rest he considers investment properties) and that some of those seven properties do not count because they are "only" condominiums. So what--as a condominium owner, I don't have a real home? God knows what he thinks of renters... just the hired help?

McCain, a stinking rich old white Republican son of power and privilege dares to accuse Barack Obama of elitism? What the f*ck!? McCain only got into the Naval Academy because his daddy was an Admiral, and he did so badly he barely passed. McCain cheated on his terminally ill wife, then ditched her to marry the $100+ million dollar trophy he parades around with now. I hope they nail him to the wall with this story.


Bert Q. Slushbrow, Sr. said...

The Obama folks already have a good ad up attacking McCain on this very issue. Quick work on their part.

Bert Q. Slushbrow, Sr. said...

Let's link that properly shall we? The video.

The Law Talking Guy said...

It's not a great ad. It's cute, but it doesn't connect, I don't think, the housing crisis to Republicans in the white house.

Raised By Republicans said...


I think the polls indicate that most people already blame the Republicans for the economy. I can't find the poll that says it but I think I posted about it a couple of months ago.

The economy is by far the top issue and past elections have shown that being tagged as the guy who people thinks is most likely to connect with their problems will have an advantage. To that end, McCain has been attacking Obama as an "elitist" and portraying McCain as a straight talking man of the people - P.O.W. P.O.W. P.O.W. - who doesn't like to use his captivity in Vietnam as a political tool.

McCain is vulnerable on this issue. Polling shows that Obama is beating McCain on the "cares about people like you issue" which is probably why McCain is attacking Obama for being an elitist.

USwest said...

And anyone that tries to say Obama is elitist because he lives in a $1.6 mil house is nuts. That is a tear down in a decent neighborhood in L.A.

I was also pleased that this morning, in an NPR story about first ladies, they pointed out that Michelle Obama has a great fshion sense and that her clothes are much chepaer than Cindy McCain's. She apparently appeared on an afternoon women's program wearing this great dress that was priced at $150, which- fo rall you gusy who may not know, is about average for a nice dress at Macy's. These are average upper middle class folks.

Anonymous said...

$1.6 million in West LA will get you a decent school district and (probably) a second bathroom.

I could probably write a whole post about the fashion stuff, as well as the interviews all of the candidate's wives have done for Vogue. In Cindy McCain's Vogue interview, she casually mentions that she recently bought a *second* condo in the same San Diego building where her family already has a condo. This is normal how?

Suffice it to say that what Michelle Obama is wearing gets quite a bit of space in Vogue, and she's often in something very classic and reasonably priced. In the September issue, there is a large photo of her in Montana, wearing a blue-and-white Gap sundress that I probably would have bought if I hadn't seen the Dutch-blue one that was on sale. That's good politics.

The comparison of Michelle to Jackie is inevitable, but both of them were champions of new, interesting American designers (Jackie = African-American designer Ann Lowe, Oleg Cassini, Michelle = Maria Pinto, a relatively unknown Chicago-based designer). Cindy Mcain wears a lot of Escada, which is pretty boring and quite pricey.

-Seventh Sister

Raised By Republicans said...

And it's not like McCain and his wife own seven or eight $50,000 houses!

If Obama owns a $1.6 million house, McCain owns 7 of them. Dude! Obama is complete justified in making a stink about this if only to beat back the McCain attacks.

As for being an elitist, Obama was raised by a single mother and her parents in Hawaii where they lived a modest life style. He got a great education from some very prestigious schools but he was always on scholarships. McCain was admitted to Annapolis because, as the son and grandson of Admirals, he was a legacy.

By the way, I saw a spot on CNN today about Barack's half brother in Kenya. Barack's father left his mother when Barack was very young and moved back to Kenya. There he fathered another son who is currently living a lower middle class lifestyle (by Kenyan standards so he looks dirt poor to us). CNN interview him and he doesn't want anything from his half-brother, who he has only met once, and is happy living the way lives. He also struck me as very bright and articulate (or as Biden would say, "very clean cut and articulate"). There is a family resemblance in appearance too.