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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Preview - Get Ready for Great Moment!

Hi Everyone,

So waiting for my 2:00 pm appointment who is late, I found this on Daily Kos.  It's Hillary Clinton's Speech today to the Hispanic Caucus at the Democratic National Convention.  I imagine we'll hear some of the same lines in Hillary's main speech tonight but in front of a more energized, not to mention larger, crowd.

This  is the kind of thing I have been wanting to hear from Hillary (and Bill) but with greater frequency and volume for the past couple of months.  Now that it seems we are about to hear it, I shall applaud appreciatively!  Heck, I may even send in a little money to help her retire her debt - but I still think Mark Penn is a bonehead and she was a fool to hire him.

On a side note.  If Hillary decides not to run again (or if Obama wins in November but is so awful that the Democrats are doomed in 2012 and 2016), the torch being passed may be from Teddy Kennedy to Hillary Clinton.  The Liberal Lion of the Senate may be laid low by cancer but Hillary is well placed to take his place.

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