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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Always Good for a Soundbite

Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), one of only two openly gay members of Congress spoke yesterday to the LGBT Caucus--which Michelle Obama also addressed! Frank urged party members to ignore the petty differences between them and unite behind Barack Obama, saying,

If Ted Kennedy, in the face of this terrible illness, can come and make that speech, then will everyone else stop bitching about such trivia? Can we not take from him at least that this is about real issues and our lives?

That's why we need more gay representatives. Because they can use the word "bitch" so effectively. Frank also mocked the idea that gays and lesbians were pushing some "radical homosexual agenda."
What agenda? We want to get married, join the Army, and get a job. Some agenda!

Who but Frank could manage to sum up DOMA, ENDA, and Don't Ask, Don't Tell in a single sentence? Frank also compared John McCain to Rick Santorum and reminded people that,
John McCain has been less abrasively but equally substantively homophobic. He's never voted for anything that would advance our legal equality.

Finally, Frank teased conservative politicians for their hypocrisy in daring to ask, "What Would Jesus Do?"
I say to Newt Gingrich, "I don’t think he would have gotten married three times." But what do I know? I’m Jewish.


Raised By Republicans said...

"We want to get married, join the Army, and get a job."

Oh my God! What a bunch of Commie pinko hippies!

Dr. Strangelove said...


Barney Frank also has a great way of being, well, Frank at certain times. After Sen. Ted Kennedy spoke on Monday I heard an NPR reporter ask Frank why he and the rest of the Mass. delegation looked so emotional, with tears in their eyes.

You could hear Barney Frank's look of contempt as he snapped at the reporter, "They're upset because he is ill." Then Frank abruptly ended the interview.

Pombat said...

He sounds fantastic!!! And I love the "what would Jesus do?" call - that's perfect.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Barney Frank is an absolute treasure. Place him next to Kucinich and you will see how great Frank is. My favorite Frankism came when he was opposing the repeal of the estate tax. Republican speaker Denny Hastert bemoaned not inheriting his parents' $5 million farm without having to pay taxes. Frank said, and I paraphrase:

I'm sorry you didn't get to inherit a $5 million farm tax free. I'm sorry you didn't get to $5 million without having to work a day for it. You know what, I'm not sorry at all.