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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pombat: Ask and you shall receive

Pombat asked for links to speeches by Joe Biden.

Here is Biden at the event in Springfield, IL.  

Here is some classic Biden on the floor of the Senate from 2007 speaking immediately after McCain.  Biden on the surge..."Then what?"  I think this is what Obama wants.  He wants to wind this guy up, point him at John McCain and let rip.

Biden on Rudy Giuliani and foreign policy experience.

Here is a recent TV spot (July of this year) of Biden talking about Obama and McCain on foreign policy.  "We don't need a war hero...we need someone with some wisdom."

Biden's funniest one liner.


USwest said...

I love the Foreign Policy clip. I hadn't seen that one.

What strikes me about Biden and what makes him stand out to me is that he is so comfortable in his own skin. He was so relaxed during the primary that the message I got was, "Hey if you want to vote for me, great. If not, oh well . . . " There is no pretension there. He says it like it is. And that is what I like so much . . .that and his sense of humor.

Pombat said...

Woohoo!!! A post for Pombat! I feel special now :-)

I must admit to skipping straight to the one-liner (and laughing), but will now go back and watch the rest - thank you very much RbR!

Raised By Republicans said...

Hey Pombat, here is another link to Biden on Giuliani