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Monday, May 17, 2004

Surprise, surprise.

This will be all over all of the blogs soon, so you should read it now: the new expose in the New Yorker. It's a long read but definitely worth it. In the interest of being fair and balanced, we should point out that the Pentagon is denying all of it, which of course they have to.

There's also this article which is much along the same lines. Really dynamite stuff.


The Law Talking Guy said...

If the Pentagon is lying, this will be a major disaster for the Bush administration. Zogby has his favorability rating at 42%, CBS at 46%. These are the sort of numbers that make Republican congressmen want to distance themselves from scandal.

Raised By Republicans said...

People watching the Ohio Senate race are noticing a dramatic improvement in the fortunes of the "dark horse" Democratic candidate against former Governor and current Republican Senator Voinavich. There is early talk about "negative coat tails" in Ohio.

Polls (see earlier postings) show that just over half of registered voters want Democrats to control Congress. But those are national numbers and Congressional contests are far from national. In any case, there are early indications that Bush could be a negative factor for Republicans in close races.

Raised By Republicans said...

Oh, and another thing. Does anyone doubt that this warrants and independent investigation? The idea that the DOD should be allowed to investigate itself on this matter is just absurd.

If the Democrats controlled either house of Congress there would certainly be an independent investigation.

Bell Curve said...

If true, this not only warrants an independent investigation, but the phrase "war crimes" should start popping up. This is really, really serious stuff.

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