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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Some interesting editorials from the military press

If anyone is thinking that the political views of the military community are all about photo ops and cheers for the Bush administration, check out this link.

The Army Times editorial accuses Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers of "professional negligence" and calls for accountability for "failed leadership."

Army Times is part of Military Times which has Navy, Air Force and Marines versions as well. I'm not sure but from a brief and informal comparison between its website and that of Stars and Stripes, I'm guessing that Army Times is more independent of the Defense Department. For example, there were no editorials easily located on the Stars and Stripes page - just letters to the editor covering more or less innocuous subjects. For example, whether the exercise uniform should have a hat to protect against sun burn.


Gaoshan said...

The Military Times Publishing Co. is owned by Gannett so I assume they are completely independent of the military. Stars and Stripes is a purely military publication.

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