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Monday, May 03, 2004

More Republican Points of View

Bell Curve, your wish is my command....

Here is what a Washington Times (Republican paper) quotes Bob Barr (R-GA) as saying. "'Kerry isn't a supporter of terrorism any more than I am, just because we both raised some questions about whether some things in the Patriot Act go too far," said former Rep. Bob Barr, a Georgia Republican who thinks aspects of the law violate personal privacy.
"The Fourth Amendment is a nuisance to the administration, but the amendment protects citizens and legal immigrants from the government's monitoring them whenever it wants, without good cause, and if that happens, it's the end of personal liberty,' Mr. Barr said. "

I suggest however that my friend's views are far more representative of Republican voters in general. I've been in rooms with several Republican relatives and heard them say far more extreme things (especially about immigrants) among themselves than this guy has. Remember, he knows I'm a Democrat and he's probably toning down his rhetoric from the way he would talk if we were both Republicans.

If there are Republicans who visit this site from time to time and think they have a better argument in support of the Bush administration position on civil rights and the "war on terror" please post a comment. We promise to be polite in our discussion of it.

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