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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Bush shocked, shocked to find there is gambling...

President Bush privately reprimanded Secretary Rumsfeld for failing to keep him informed about prisoner abuse in Iraq. Of course, a private reprimand wouldn't be of any value unless you tell the press about it afterwards so that's what Bush did. Rumsfeld in turn is saying that he wasn't kept informed either. Its beginning to look a lot like the fall out after a cover up.

The Taguba report detailed all of the abuse - which was "routine" and much more extensive than the CBS story implies - and was submitted to the Defense Department in the first week of March. Of course, Rumsfeld hadn't read it as of the beginning of this week.

Now there are loud rumors that Rumsfeld is on his way out. If he goes, look for the Bush administration to try to make a positive out of this by offering Rummy's job to John McCain.

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