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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Alternative Suggestion

I don't like it when people criticize my suggested approaches without supplying alternatives so I will offer one here.

Step 1) Establish an independent counsel to investigate the torture/abuse scandal. It is beginning to look like no one above the rank of sergeant is going to get court martialed over this. If that turns out to be true, the Iraqis will not respect or believe statements by US authorities that issue is behind us.

Step 2) Remove George W. Bush as President. His ignorance and incompetence are now combined with alienated allies. We probably can't succeed in Iraq alone. We certainly can't succeed in Iraq if our policy is a stumbling muddle conceived by an ideological and poorly informed leadership and implemented without any oversight.

Step 3) Stop trying to hand pick Iraq's leaders. If people like Sistani or former Baathists really are the popular leaders in their respective communities we should accept that. We should concentrate on guiding and enforcing the institutions within which those factions will compete politically.

Step 4) Invite increased participation by Western Europeans. Offer to increase our troop levels in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo to relieve pressure on the over extended European militaries.

Step 5) Ultimately we will have to leave Iraq. It will be best for the Iraqis if they see us leave on something approaching their terms. I'm not saying we should allowed Iraqi mass opinion or levels of political violence drive the policy. However, it would be mistake to think that Iraq will be well served by the US alone dictating the terms of our own departure.

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Gaoshan said...

Pfah! Your comments are silly! I criticize all 5 of them!

----->just kidding!