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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Funny and ha-ha funny

Ah, the Onion. A must-read every week. Here's my fave from the new one.

White House Slam Dunk Contest Results In No Slam Dunks
WASHINGTON, DC—The annual White House Slam Dunk Contest, a spring ritual since 1977, featured its usual share of cringe-worthy misses and twisted knees Monday, but once again, no slam dunks. "I tell you, this is some sorry stuff I'm seeing," celebrity judge and former San Antonio Spur George "Iceman" Gervin said, holding up a "1" card after press secretary Scott McClellan made an awkward leap in a pair of wingtips. "The three-point contest was bad enough, but this is just depressing." The last White House slam dunk on record occurred in 1983, when a blindfolded Secretary of the Interior James Watt leaped from the foul line to execute an aerial 360-spin into a tomahawk that shattered the backboard.

1 comment:

Raised By Republicans said...

James Watt could dunk!? Somehow I picture him doing free throws by throw from between his knees like somebody's square great grandfather (like the Mendelbaums from Seinfeld).