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Monday, October 11, 2004

Where Do I Start?

Hi Everyone, is reporting that the US backed Iraqi government is withholding information about duel use technologies they are obligated to make regular reports about. The IAEA is particularly concerned that machinery that can be applied to the construction of nuclear weapons has been sold on the black market by US appointed Iraqi officials.

OK, so the Bush administration told us we had to invade Iraq to prevent them giving WMDs to terrorists. It turns out Iraq didn't have any WMDs but the Bush administration said that Iraq did have the potential to restart its WMD program. Well, despite this being the main reason for war, the Bush administration made no plans for securing the machines and materials that could be used to restart such a program. Now it seems these items are loose on the black market. Bush has succeeded in turning Iraq's weapons program into a second Russia - full of qualified weapons designers with no way to make a living other than selling off their skills and materials. Meanwhile the rest of the country is bogged down in a simmering state of civil war.

What's more, the Bush administration likes to claim credit for stopping the black market sale of nuclear technology by the US backed regime in Pakistan. In light of the stories about Iraqi weapons technology, such claims seem ridiculous.

Bush supporters are very aggressive about how a vote for Bush is a vote for increased security. But stories like this (and there have been dozens of them) show conclusively that the Bush administration is easily the most incompetent foreign policy administration in American history. I can think of no American administration that has been so detrimental to US interests.

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Gaoshan said...

Foreign policy? What foreign policy? The United States of America does not need a "foreign" policy!! There is OUR policy and THEIR policy. Ours is right, theirs is wrong.

OK... enough asinine neo-conservative pablum... onward and upward to logic, reason and sense... The thing I find interesting about all of these WMD proliferation fears is that probably the worst offender with regards to actually giving technology and information to the so called "axis of evil" is Pakistan. Our ally. They certainly gave more actual, physical WMD assistance (specifically nuclear weapons related) to "rogue states" (is that term still used or has it fallen out of favor for more virulant terms?) than Iraq ever did.

answer-man said...

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