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Friday, October 08, 2004

Elections Start in Afghanistan and Australia

In other news, elections have begun in Afghanistan and Australia. Recent polls show it very close in Australia.

What news comes out of these two elections could drive the polls in the US as much as the debates themselves.


Raised By Republicans said... is reporting that the Australians have re-elected Howard, ensuring that Australia's 800-900 troops will stay in Iraq.

Afghanistan saw no violence however the US backed candidate is being accused of wide spread voter fraud. All fifteen challengers have declared a boycott of the election. The controversy centers on the lack of permanent ink to prevent repeat voting. Erasable ink doesn't make good TV so my guess is it won't get much play on Chicken Noodle News.

Gaoshan said...

I read that erasable ink thing as well. Sucks... just when they manage to avoid the violence that everyone is afraid of, someone uses erasable ink to mark who has already voted. Doh!

Anonymous said...

I just moved back to Australia, just in time to vote Green -- in my view the only progressive party around. Speaking with a few people over the weekend, most were aghast that Howard managed to get back in. Not only that, but he has an increased majority with the likelihood of control of the Senate. Over the last few years the Senate has been split between three or four parties with the government rarely having control, thus forcing them to negotiate with the minor parties and opposition to pass legislation. We have no crazy presidential position: the Governor-General is an appointed and has no mandate.

Having just returned I can shed no light on why Howard got back. Rumours are that they ran a successful smear campaign, raising fears that interest rates would rise under a Labor government, plus the opposition leader (Latham) was new with a reputation for thuggish behaviour. That Howard lied over the Children Overboard scandal appeared to have no effect.

On the bright side, if he does have complete Senate control he will have no-one to blame when interest rates rise and households have to pay more for over-extending in the property market. The excuse will, no doubt, be that "we said they wouldn't rise as much".

Can I come back now?

Raised By Republicans said...

Can you come back now? Are you sure you want to?

Why don't you ask again in November. My guess is you'll want to return then.