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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Does anyone feel a draft?

One of the more under-reported events of recent days is this letter from the RNC to MTV's "Rock the Vote", threatening a lawsuit if RTV does not stop claiming there may be a draft. Rock the Vote has clearly not stopped it and, in fact, they're a little defiant. Excerpt:

Mr. Gillespie, this is a generational issue. Nothing cuts closer to the core of the very reason Rock the Vote exists. We think young people deserve to know where the politicians stand on this issue - and that a generation that could be called to service deserves more than the phony debate they are getting. We believe that it is only by asking questions - not by censoring debate - that our democracy can remain strong and vital.

I want LTG's opinion of this. Doesn't this lawsuit seem just a tad frivolous? When did it become unlawful to suggest that the President is lying? And howcome no news outlet is reporting this?


The Law Talking Guy said...

For Republicans, frivolous lawsuits are only lawsuits filed against big business. The lawsuits they file are A-OK. But then, nobody is surprised about Republican hypocrisy by now. Cheney's anti-gay stance, but making a private exception for his daughter, is the prime example, and I'm glad Democrats bring it up on every occasion.

US West said...

Double standards aboud in the Republican party. And another reason for them to file such a frivilous lawsuit is that they are on the defensive. This is what they do- create little diversions like this to get people's eye off the ball, to clap off opposition early.

The President is running around claiming there will be no draft and the Congress went through the theater of killing a bill for a draft on the floor. The last thing the Republicans want is someone calling their bluff.