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Friday, October 29, 2004

More news stories

1. Republican voter suppression. And lots of it. Apparently they're sending registered mail to potential voters, and when they don't pick it up (because it's from the Republican Party) their legal residence is challenged. Crazy, huh? Read all about it here or here and maybe even here. Crazy.

So maybe you read the Onion this week and thought this article was funny? Guess again. Check out this nonsense:

Read all about it here.

For those of you that think that Democrats are probably doing this just as much, take a gander at the ultra-conservative WSJ's attempt at balance here.

2. Two Los Angeles communities, worlds apart. That's the gist of this LA Times article (registration required). One precinct is overwhelmingly pro-Bush, the other overwhelmingly pro-Kerry. Here's my favorite type 4 Republican quote from this one:
The master's degree candidate from Simi Valley pulled a Bible from his backpack and opened it to Isaiah 58. He read aloud a passage about feeding the hungry.
He said he had visited Compton and understood why its residents felt Kerry was their best hope for better jobs and affordable healthcare.
"But I just don't like Kerry," he added.

Hmmm. A bible-reading white guy who is voting for Bush because of religion and because he doesn't like Kerry? Even though there is no issues-based reason to do so? Must be an isolated case, right...?

3. Former GOP Senator Bob Smith endorses Kerry. You can read his letter here. Let me refresh your memories -- this is the guy who once left the Republican party because it was too moderate (!) and is still loved in New Hampshire. This gives New Hampshire to Kerry, I guarantee it.


Richard L. Zorek said...

If you are at all internet savvy, you know that that "anti-voting" flyer is something that could be downloaded off the internet for years. It could be a moronic Republican passing some out, or a Democrat doing the same, in hopes of causing some trouble. My guess is that there are none being distributed because the "blog piece" is all over the blog sites, but there isn't action being taken in the areas in question because, unless they read a blog, they have no clue what that flyer is.

Raised By Republicans said...

Thanks for the explanation Mr. Zorek! I must say I was not 100% convinced by it myself - it seems a bit over the top. If its not really circulating around in paper form that is very good news.

However, I heard the chair of the DNC on ABC's "This Week" talking about a very similar letter that has been mailed to 250,000 people that said, among other things that one could not vote if one had been registered by the NAACP or the DNC. Since the GOP sued unsuccesfully in Ohio to ensure more or less the same thing, I'm more inclined to believe the "This Week" story.