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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Republican Senator Flips Lid; Kentucky's Seat In Play

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may know that in addition to the Presidential race the fight for control of Congress (especially the Senate) is also very tight. That's why this is a big deal....

Senator Jim Bunning (R- Kentucky, pitcher for the Phillies in the 60s) seems to have gone completely nuts. This not the usual kind of nuts for Republicans, this guy is actually certifiable! Reuters is reporting that his behavior has become increasingly eratic - even for him. Bunning accused his Democratic opponent, Daniel Mongiardo, of beating up Mrs. Bunning and said that his Italian American opponent looked "like Saddam Hussein's son." These are not the only or even the strangest episodes. The Lousiville paper is openly speculating that Bunning has gone insane or has Alzheimers.

Bunning's 17 point lead has suddenly shrunk to 8 points as reports of his possible mental illness spread.

1 comment:

Gaoshan said...

I think it would take more than plain old total, raving, lunacy to shrink that republican's 8 point lead.

Has he done anything really, REALLY bad? Like, say, oppose the vietnam war as an unjust action or support the legal rights of homosexuals in committed relationships?

I fear that unless he does something truly EVIL (republican evil like the 2 examples above, mind you, not regular human being evil) he will still get re-elected.

Crazy republicans are a dime a dozen.