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Monday, October 25, 2004

Conservatives for Kerry and More Mess in Iraq

Hi Everyone,

Check out this link for a series of stories about conservative editors and activists who are endorsing Kerry because they feel Bush has abandonned traditional conservatism. Their concerns center on Bush's war in Iraq which they regard as an unneccessary, failed adventure that has isolated the US internationally and is the main cause of the high deficits which they say will eventually force tax increases.

Speaking of Iraq, the IAEA has confirmed that 380 tons of explosives suitable for use in nuclear weapons were looted from Iraqi research facilities because US forces failed to secure them following the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime. Given the Bush administration's main reason for going to war (securing Saddam's WMD technology to prevent them from falling into terrorists' hands), this failure is ASTOUNDING! It is a direct result (I believe) of Rumsfeld's insistence on invading with a smaller force to prove his theories about the increased lethality of US weapons systems. The Bush administration clearly did not even consider how they would achieve the first priorities after the Iraqi army surrendered. Also, given that US forces DID secure sites related to the oil industry, one could be forgiven for asserting that the war in Iraq was all about oil.

Comments? Discussion?


Bell Curve said...

Let me remind people that this is around 380 TONS of material, or about 760,000 pounds. So it's not like the people guarding Al Qaqaa turned away for a moment and when they turned back all of it was gone. It means that the terrorists could come and go as they pleased for a long period of time, and nothing was done about it.

So the motive for going into Iraq was to stop Saddam from selling this stuff to terrorists. We invade the country and instead of having to pay for it, they waltz in and get it for free. And then they don't have to travel too far to use it on Americans.

Yet some people will yell and scream about how they can't vote for Kerry because Bush is tougher on terror. Kerry said in every debate that we should have secured this material instead of securing just the oil ministry, and hardly anyone paid attention to it. Well, I bet they'll pay attention now.

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Anonymous said...

So RbR, a question for you: how do you feel about the likely outcome of this impending election? I have read multitudes about Bush's imperalist leanings and inability to separate God from right and wrong, Kerry's -- to my mind -- more moral and reasonable positions, and yet further results placing Bush ahead in all the polls.

What the hell is going on poll-wise? Are we likely to see voter debacles again resulting in the supreme court making the decision? What is the vibe you get, being a man on the street?

Raised By Republicans said...

With the revelation that the Bush administration let 380 tons of high grade explosives get looted after the Iraqi army collapsed, Bush is criticizing Kerry for basing his attacks on Bush on a "newspaper article."

This is very telling. I suspect that to Bush supporters the implied contrast is that Bush's attacks are based on the Bible.