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Friday, October 08, 2004

Historical casualties

Here are American wars omitted from most lists. The current Iraq war has more in common with these than with, say, Vietnam or Korea (so far).

1. Phillipine Insurgency, 1899-1902. 1,018 dead, approx. 3,500 wounded.
2. Russian Civil war, 1918-1920. 304 dead, 268 wounded.
3. Lebanese Intervention, 1983. 273 dead.

1 comment:

Prof. Werner von Brawn said...

I think the Philippines case has the most relevance...occupying power, multiyear action, fighting against people who had just been liberated and were happy to see us there, until they thought we wouldn't leave or would enact policies they didn't like. Still didn't face all of the issues we have in Iraq (presence of oil, volatile region, etc.).

Lebanon's casualties are almost all from one event and we quickly left, and the Russian Civil War doesn't involve an occupying power. The Russian Civil War will probably only come into play if the CIA report is correct and the worst case scenario--civil war--comes to fruition.