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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Get Ready to Man the Barricades!

Hi Everyone,

A New York Times article is reporting that thousands of absentee ballots from mostly Democratic Broward County, Florida (remember Broward CO.?) are missing. The Post Office says they never got them. The County says they are sure they delivered them. Florida Governor, Jeb Bush's state police said they found no evidence of wrong doing and ended their investigation. Gee, that was fast and efficient!

In related news: the number of registered voters in Florida is increased 1.6 MILLION since 2000! But how many will get to vote? How many will try? And in Florida, Karl Rove's famous untapped Evangelical army will be a factor in the northern part of the state (often referred to as "South Georgia"). Will Nader hand the state to Bush again?

Which brings me to something I heard on Hardball yesterday. They were talking about how the Bush campaign is now aggressively asking Democrats to vote for Bush. You might think, "of course he is." But this is a pretty major strategy shift. The Rove-Bush strategy had been based almost entirely on the assumption that one could win the Presidency with Evangelical Conservatives ONLY. In other words cross over voting was not a factor. But now Bush is in Ohio practically begging Democrats in the industrial NE of the state to vote for him. Could this be an indication that Bush campaign internal polls are showing impending defeat?

This is it folks. Its officially down to the wire. The stakes in the election are far higher than any since election since that notorious scoundrel, Aaron Burr, was defeated (narrowly) by Jefferson.

Find your polling place here.
If you go to the polling place indicated and the poll workers tell you you're not on the list, politely but firmly ask for a provisional ballot. They are required by law to give you one - EVEN IN OHIO.


Bell Curve said...

This has nothing to do with anything, but you'll note that the team from Boston just steamrolled the team that plays in (drumroll please...) Busch stadium. Omen, anyone?

US West said...

Up here, I will be working as a polling clerk. An RBR is right. We have to give a ballot to everyone. And voters can call in to see if their provisional ballot was counted. The new law is HAVA (Helping America to Vote Act) and it has losened up voting procedures. For me, it is going to be a long day. 6:15 am 10 pm at night. Why did I volunteer for this? Oh well. My bit for democracy.