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Monday, June 02, 2008

Danish Embassy in Pakistan Bombed

A suicide bomber attacked the Danish Embassy in Pakistan (please note: that's Pakistan, not Iran or North Korea). Danish news sources report that "at least" eight are dead and 24 wounded. So far it appears as if none of the dead are Danes. However, two of the victims were Pakistani security guards.

The pictures look pretty bad. This was a BIG bomb. BBC News online has a video clip and links to photos here.

The Norwegian embassy has evacuated.


History Buff said...

Kinda wonder why it took them so long to react to that cartoon. I've heard some news stories lately on NPR that Al Quaida doesn't have the same appeal it once had. Is this a PR stunt on their part???

Raised By Republicans said...

This has been an ongoing campaign of violence and threats of violence (some, thankfully thwarted by authorities) against Danes and Danish government facilities. This is just the latest installment.

The Law Talking Guy said...

In a sense, this makes the cartoon more appropriate than ever.

Raised By Republicans said...

I'm reminded of a time when I was a kid and confronted by a bully. I told him he was an asshole so he punched me. I said, "Oh, that's supposed to convince me your not?" Or something to that effect and then got jumped by him and his friends.

USWest said...

Like History Buff, I was a little surprised that the attributed reason was the cartoons. I've also heard it could be participation in Afghanistan. RBR, are we sure it is the cartoons and not something else?

Raised By Republicans said...

A month or so ago, Danish authorities arrested three men who were allegedly planning to murder one of the cartoonists. In covering the story most of the Danish papers reprinted the cartoon that the intended victim had drawn.

History Buff said...


Raised By Republicans said...

I prefer to say it was principled.

There is no reason at all that Democracies should kowtow to threats of violence from political opportunists.

The right of a cartoonist to draw any cartoon he wants without fear of being murdered is absolute. I applaud the Danish press for supporting him!

Pombat said...

"We're not a violent religion, and if you say we are, we'll blow you up..."


Why is it that extremists never seem to realise that the people they hurt the most are the non-extremist members of their own religion/other easily identified group? And why do they never seem to realise that everyone is entitled to their own viewpoints?

I say good on the Danish for standing up to these bullying attempts - anyone who's offended by the cartoons has every right to be offended, to write to the papers and otherwise legally express their dissatisfaction with them. Bombings and other violence should never even be contemplated. And I hope no-one else gets hurt.