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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Brian Schweitzer for VP

Who is Brian Schweitzer? He's the Democratic Governor of Montana. He's also, it seems very educated, earthy, and enjoys a 70% popularity rate in a state that also now has two Democratic senators, and voted 56% for Obama in the primary, although it's normally thought of as ruby red.

Here's a long quote from the LA Times on 9/30/07:

"Perhaps no one is more of a poster child for that success than Montana's colorful governor, Brian Schweitzer. Three years ago, Schweitzer became the darling of Democratic politicos when he swaggered into office with a dog and a pair of cowboy boots.

Schweitzer, a cattle rancher and the grandson of homesteaders, is no Democrat in name only. He is a proponent of energy conservation and environmental regulation. He favors abortion rights. And while the Bush administration was pushing to expand surveillance powers with the Patriot Act, Schweitzer pardoned 78 Montanans, most of them German immigrants, who had been convicted of sedition during World War I.

He also champions gun rights and coal -- a major Montana export -- positions that reflect clear differences from the Democratic Party's coastal wings.

"There are two kinds of people in Montana," Schweitzer joked in a recent telephone interview. "Those who are for gun control, and those who run for public office."

Schweitzer doesn't bring much foreign policy experience, but he did work in Saudi Arabia for seven years and he speaks Arabic, among other languages. His website just says he has "communicated in several languages." Seems that is the most cosmopolitan you want to appear in Bozeman. And he guarantees a fair fight for the West. With Schweitzer on the ticket, I think NM, CO, and probably NV are a lock.
That's something to ponder.

He's also not a pretty boy. (Not by a long shot). What do you all think? Is it possible that what Obama needs is not a Party Elder, or Senior Statesman, but another fresh face?

Maybe I just worry about the sound of an O-Schweitz ticket...

Update by Bell Curve: Here's some video of Schweitzer in action, on Colbert. He certainly is a good speaker.


Raised By Republicans said...

It would be a big risk but it could pay off big. It'd obviously be selling out to the "change" motif.

His emphasis on coal could be made compatible with Democrats on the coasts by encouraging development of clean coal technology - something that coal producers would love.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I guess the question is - perhaps literally - who will play in Peoria? I mean, every time Obama goes to Montana he increases the African-American population by 20% or somethinglike that. It might be a good maneuver to have someone who is not part of the "coastal establishment" (that includes Chicago, the 'third coast'). I am fairly certain McCain is going to pick a governor who can shore up support among rural voters.

Bell Curve said...

I like Schweitzer. A lot. I think this is a very real possibility.

(But I hate the whole "clean coal" nonsense)

Raised By Republicans said...

Bell Curve and Dr. S.

Is "clean coal" as big a fantasy as ethanol? I've always thougt "what could be wrong with making coal cleaner?" But now Bell Curve has me wondering if it's all just a marketing realism in international relations.

Bell Curve said...

Here's some info on "clean coal". It probably deserves its own post.

Raised By Republicans said...

OK, that guy is great. I love his response to "what's the speed limit in Montana?"

I'm also convinced on the "clean coal" thing. Of course we're not going to combust our way to a cleaner planet.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I guess my feeling about clean coal is that at least it doesn't come from Saudi Arabia. That's a plus.

Dr. Strangelove said...

Nothing is wrong with making coal cleaner. There are lots of nasty things in coal. But in the end, you have to burn it to get the energy out.

Bell Curve said...

The other problem is what you have to do to get the coal. Mountaintop removal is a scourge on this country.