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Monday, June 30, 2008

Bless You, Wes Clark

Somebody had to say it. He said that getting shot down in a fighter plane and being taken prisoner was not sufficient qualification to be Commander in Chief. Back in 2000, everyone thought it was Off Limits to say of GWBush "you don't vote for a nobody just because his Daddy was president, and not a very good one at that." If this had been said, people might have realized what a phony GWBush was. As it was, everyone treated such comments as Out of Bounds. Wes Clark has finally said that being a POW doesn't make McCain a military genius. Someone (not Obama) has to knock McCain off his carefully crafted pedestal. Who better than Wesley Clark? Now, of course, everyone is acting all mock-outraged over Wes Clark's comments. Once we get past the mock outrage, maybe it will start to stick. McCain is not a military genius or a war hero in the sense of being a great strategist. He suffered greatly for his country, but that hardly qualifies him to fight the War on Terror. What matters is that he can't tell Iraq from Iran from Al Qaeda.


Raised By Republicans said...

Yeah, the closest we got to this in 2000 was when Al Gore said to G.W. "Your little brother is not the final arbiter on this." Too bad the final arbiter turned out to be the Supreme Court.

And the nice thing is the message is out now and Obama can have an excuse to say how much he respects John McCain's MORE THAN 50 YEARS of public service.

Average Joe American said...

Let's not forget that, while McCain was a POW, his father was a high ranking military official. He was offered early release on several occasions, because the enemy wanted to use it as propaganda. The Patriot McCain refused to accept early release unless everyone who had been capture before him was released before him. That, in and of itself, stands as solid evidence that McCain has the leadership credentials to be this nation's Commander-In-Chief. What example have you that Barack Obama even knows what military service means? I mean, what true story can you serve as an example?

Dr. Strangelove said...

I disagree with LTG... I think this was a mistake and Wes Clark made an ass of himself. McCain is a war hero and his military experience should not be trivialized or insulted.

But Average Joe American misses the point too. The Commander-in-Chief is not a military role. Think about that.

Raised By Republicans said...

"What example have you that Barack Obama even knows what military service means?"

Military service is not the be all and end all of leadership and patriotism.

Furthermore, if McCain conducted himself admirably while a POW it means he's a legitimate "American Hero" and a stand up guy. It doesn't mean he's qualified to be President. That requires a much broader range of abilities and talents.

USWest said...

The fact that McCain is chanting about his experiences the same way Gulliana did over 9/11 disgusts me. Real heros don't do that. By leaning on his war hero status, he hides the other less principled things he did. He has a long record in politics and not all of it is admirable.

Rather than looking at one incident in the man's life, take the longer view.

The Law Talking Guy said...

Wes Clark may be vilified; that's taking one for the team. And Obama can distance himself from the remarks. But you can't unring the bell. His comments have made conversations possible that were considered taboo. That's why it's great.

Bob said...

I was stunned by the precise perspicacity of dday's post on Digby's blog about this.

The slightest context drastically weakens the "denigrates his military service" narrative, which is why CNN, NPR, and apparently every other news outlet went out of their way to avoid providing that context.

We live in an insane world where random snippets are taken by the media to create the issue du jour, and candidates and pundits have to react and respond to the resulting manufactured notions. Then we vote.

Meanwhile, careers and lives of perfectly normal, decent people who foolishly said rational things in such a way that they can be easily cropped into incendiary comments are sacrificed to fill an hour or two of 24-hour news network broadcasting.

(Obviously, I'm generalizing -- Wesley Clark is just the most recent example of this sort of thing, not necessarily the best example.)

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