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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

O! H!

Ohio Elected Officials, 2006
Ohio Elected Officials, 2007
Governor: Bob Taft
Lt. Governor: Bruce Johnson
Attorney General: Jim Petro
Secretary of State: Ken Blackwell
Treasurer: Jennette Bradley
Senators: George Voinovich, Mike DeWine
Governor: Ted Strickland
Lt. Governor: Lee Fisher
Attorney General: Marc Dann
Secretary of State: Jennifer Brunner
Treasurer: Richard Cordray
Senators: George Voinovich, Sherrod Brown

RbR, you are now allowed to call Ohio a blue state.


Anonymous said...

I O!!!!!!!!!!!! 

// posted by RBR

Raised By Republicans said...

For the record, I NEVER said Ohio was a blue state. That would be silly. It is however a swing state and we just saw it swing baby!

I do think that Ohio will soon become a blue state (in a couple of election cycles). It may not be there yet. Deborah Pryce won in the 15th district. When that district has a Democratic representative the writing will be on the wall.

Urbanization is bad for Republican electoral prospects so long as they continue to be their emphasis on right wing Christian populism and militarism. Ohio is urbanizing and rather quickly too.

Anonymous said...

Check that...They are still counting in the OH-15. Most votes outstanding are from the more Democratic parts of the district. 

// posted by RBR