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Friday, November 03, 2006

Come on, is Ned Flanders straight?

Apparently the answer from Colorado Springs is "no." A prominent mega-church leader and Republican anti-gay activist has been accused of having a 3 year "arrangement" with a male prostitute. He has resigned but denies the accusations. How much better would his life (and the political scene in Colorado) have been if he had just allowed himself (and been allowed) to be who he was and just live life?

Colorado has recently become Theocrat central and there is a gay bashing ballot measure on the ballot this year to get out their votes. This could depress Republican turnout even more in a state where the Demcorats were surging already.


Anonymous said...

UPDATE: The haggerd Reverend Haggard is now admitting to having purchased methamphetimine from the aforementioned male prostitute but, paraphrasing Bill Clinton, I did not have sex with that man.

He also claims he never actually took the meth. And he claims he only wanted a massage.

This matters because this guy was a major player in Colorado Republican politics and was recently identified as one of the 25 most politically influential Evagnelical leaders. This is a guy who has the President's ear. 

// posted by RBR

Dr. Strangelove said...

Just saw RbR's comment as I was about to post this! The LA Times is reporting what RbR has just noted: that Haggard is admitting "some" of the allegations (though exactly what he has admitted is not detailed).

"Truth is just like time: it catches up and it just keeps going..." -Dar Williams, As Cool as I am.

Anonymous said...

I think it's worth discussing that this guy Haggard adopted a public political personae as one of the biggest hatemongering homophobes in the country. This is one of the leaders of a movement to turn "family values" into a rallying cry for intolerance and hatred. And here he is, a drug addicted, self-loathing man unable or unwilling to come to terms with his own identity.

We should seriously consider not just the fact that so many of these "Christian Conservatives" are hypocrits but also the nature and source of that hypocrisy.

It is deeply disturbing from a social perspective that our country has allowed a group of self-loathing, depressives to be the dominant authority on morality in this country. Is it any wonder that their priorities seem insane?  

// posted by RBR