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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bill Hicks quote of the day

I might do a few of these. Bill Hicks was a comedian unafraid to take on the Bush administration -- the first Bush administration. Most of what he said is still just as valid today, even frighteningly so. Here's a sample:

People would say to me, 'Bill, you vote for Clinton, he's gonna raise your taxes. A vote for Clinton is a vote for higher taxes.' See, I have news for you, folks -- the reason I didn't vote for George Bush is because George Bush (along with Ronald Reagan) presided over an administration whose policies towards South America included genocide. So the reason I didn't vote for him is because he's a mass murderer. I'll pay that extra nickel on a liter of petrol just knowing that little brown kids aren't being clubbed to death like baby seals in Honduras so Pepsi can put a plant down there.
Thank you, America, for more or less following this logic yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I know every word that Bill Hicks uttered on stage.

"And I think you know, all governments are lying c#$$suckers" 

// posted by Siddharthawolf

Anonymous said...

Any idea what show that was from?

Anonymous said...

just wanted to leave a quote from "Bill Hicks Live" DVD

not a time to quit smoking, kids, but i fucking did it....and yes i miss'em, it is hard to quit smokin'...every one of em' looks real good to me right now....every cigarette looks like is was made by god, rolled by jesus and moistened shut with Claudia Shiefer's pussy right now.

if someone can, repost this on other quote sites.