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Friday, January 09, 2009

Updates on California Crap

I didn't get a chance to comment on RBR's post because my internet has been screwed up. But I was infuriated this morning on the most recent reports. Because California's state legislature and its governor are unable to act like the "leaders" they are supposed to be, they now want to hold a special election in April to ask the voters what to do with the budget.

This is absolutely maddening. It looks to me like our state government has totally abdicated its constitutional duties. And this is a misuse and abuse of the initiative system. Impeach them all, I say.

I agree with both RBR and LTG. I was totally against the recall of Davis, and as a result, I have refused to sign all petitions since. 1) The signature gathering under the Davis recall was corrupt at best. 2) not EVERYTHING deserves to be on the ballot.

The last special election in this state cost the tax payers some $70 million dollars. Can we really afford to hold another one? We are BROKE! What part of that doesn't the governor get? We can't keep taking out loans. What do we pay the legislators for? And voters cannot be expected to understand all the ins and outs of a budget, state borrowing, and the like. Further more, if they load up a special elections ballot with all sorts of technical stuff, voters will just vote "no" or they will pass some parts of it and not others. You cannot possibly get a comprehensive budget solution in this manner.

It's bad government. It's irresponsible. We in California deserve so much better! So I encourage people to boycott the special election. I will not work as a poll worker on this election. I will not vote in it.

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The Law Talking Guy said...

Special election? What total crap. For God's sake, at least call a constitutional convention and deal with the root problems.