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Thursday, January 22, 2009

NSA Whistle Blower

The truth is beginning to seep out. On Keith Olberman last night, a former NSA analyst, Russell Tice, revealed that the NSA collected ALL communications (Phones,computer,Fax, etc.) from some media outlets and journalists under the Bush Administration! But what is worse is how it was done. Initially, according to Tice, the NSA told him to monitor organizations to make sure their communications weren't targets for further examination, i.e. to weed out non-suspect organizations. Non-suspect were those not involved with terrorists. Then Tice discovered that the "discard pile" was really a "keeper pile" that was under 24/7/365 surveillance. Furthermore, the NSA built a cover up story in order to hide the facts from Contress. None of this is surprising, but to hear it coming out is a good thing!

See it here!


The Law Talking Guy said...

Congress must investigate this fully and expose it all.

Raised By Republicans said...

I like the part where he says that "even the NSA can't collect all communications. Americans are a chatty group." So it's our patriotic duty to be gossips to flood the domestic spying system!

Raised By Republicans said...

But seriously, we need to turn this collected stuff over to the relevant Congressional committees.

And of course, this guy reports that journalists were targeted for spying.

USWest said...

Well, the dirty little truth about the NSA is that they LOVE to listen to our chatter. It's a hell of a lot eaiser than trying to listen to and understand the Iraqis, something at which they are hopeless.

The Law Talking Guy said...

There's a marvelous scene from the first season of The Shield where they plant an illegal wiretap on Armenian mobsters and then realize, after the sound starts coming through, that they can't understand Armenian.