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Monday, January 19, 2009

Unite and Support Obama

During much of the Bush Administration, liberals were an angry and divided lot. But now, at last, we have a real leader in Barack Obama. Now that we actually have a chance to accomplish something, we can no longer afford petty bickering over priorities. We must unite behind the Obama Administration and keep our eyes on the prize: a better America for us all.

Health care for everyone. Labor and business regulations geared to help the little guy. Immigration policies that work. Environmental protection. A serious commitment to fight global warming. A foreign policy that favors diplomacy and soft power over go-it-alone militarism. Respect for all human rights... The list is so very long and every item is so critical.

So no more griping and whining about the little things. No more getting caught up in the weekly tempest-in-a-teapot; no more picking over the distractions coughed up by cable news like so many dead fish on the beach (e.g. Rick Warren, Senator Burris). It is time for liberals to get organized, work together, maybe swallow a little pride, and learn to follow a leader. We are asking the world of Obama. We owe him a little loyalty.

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