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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anonymity in a crowd?

Well, I guess there is no more anonymity in a crowd!

Check THIS out. It's a 1,474
megapixel photo of the inaguration.

You can zoom in on individual faces. Clarence Thomas is asleep . . . or is he only resting his eyes?


Raised By Republicans said...

Bush looks like his really annoyed. I heard from a friend who was there that people were chanting "No More Bush." Between that and Obama's speech being largely about all the things that Bush screwed up and that Obama will do the opposite of, I guess he had reason to be having a bad day.

Pombat said...

Well the rest of you have been having a bad eight years, so I think he was due a bad day...

On a semi-related note, have you all seen this news about Google satellite images magically losing their fuzziness when Cheney moved out of his Observatory Circle place?

Raised By Republicans said...

The fuzziness follows Cheney where ever he goes? Eeeeeeevil.

USWest said...

All I can say is that computer networks in my office have all been screwy since Obama's inauguration. Weird stuff that seems to be a mystery . . . network drives that suddenly disappear, very slow connections, e-mail sent and not received . . . etc. At home, my wireless internet system has to be reset all the time. I could just be a coincidence, Mercury going retrograde, or solar flares, but then again, it could be the eeeeeevil being purged from the system!