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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Popcorn and Hamburger Eating Idiots

It may have gotten lost in yesterday's excitement, but Russia has decided to put nuclear capable missiles on the Polish border. This is in retaliation against our plans to deploy a portion of our missile shield in Poland. He even threatened to bomb our shield sites. Yeah, like I sort of don't think so, dude. What is more likely is that they will further destabilize the Ukraine. Rumor is that they are already handing out Russian passports in the region, as they did in Georgia.

The Western media is saying that the Russians want to test Obama's meddle. Medvedev gave a fiery, anti-American speech yesterday, a speech which he had postponed twice, thus timing it to coincide with Obama's victory. There are those who really think Obama will be soft.

Now, I know that this isn't a laughing matter. But somehow, I can't help but find the rhetoric humorous. The Russian propaganda machine has told its people that American Democracy is a joke and that our election was between "senile grandfather and a black man of dubious credentials and intellect" and that Americans are nothing more than "popcorn and hamburger eating idiots". That cracked me up. That's almost as good as "cheese eating surrender monkeys."

What Russia is really afraid of is that Obama will improve America's moral standing in the world and that his administration will return to a foreign policy built on multilateralism and international coalition building. They are very worried about the global outpouring of support for American's new President.

To me, Russia looks more like an angry little kid, kicking and screaming for attention or perhaps a school yard bully trying to pick a fight. Their attack on Georgia has failed to win them the fear and respect they had hoped for. Now with a new President and his plans to refresh our damaged relationships with our allies, Russia feels threatened. With falling energy prices and the global financial crisis, which Medvedev blames on the US, the Russians are in big trouble. A cornered bear will lash out, so it definitely will be on Obama's radar screen.

None of this is to say that we should take Russian moves lightly. But I have confidence in the new Obama Administration to work with Europe to ease the Russian Bear's concerns. However, for the time being, Russia looks less like a mature power, and more like a state that risks being lost in its own, lonely remix of the Cold War while the rest of the world moves on.


The Law Talking Guy said...

"To me, Russia looks more like an angry little kid, kicking and screaming for attention or perhaps a school yard bully trying to pick a fight."

I could not agree more, though more with the angry little kid than the bully. Bullies are usually big and strong, and Russia's kind of weak.

As forputting missiles onthe Polish border, it's kind of dumb. I mean, they can reach Poland from anywhere else in European Russia. Also, Russia only borders Poland in the Kaliningrad Oblast, and I doubt they're putting missiles there. Maybe Belarus? This is not going to do much.

McCain said Obama is weak, and maybe Russia is going to test that. They will find him to firm, but polite (not like McCain with his random nasty insults).

I think Barack Obama will be able to repair relations with Russia and persuade them that they will be respected more by joining the international community than thumbing their nose at it.

Raised By Republicans said...

The missiles on the Polish border will give the Poles and excuse to go bonkers about it but the missiles are probably pointed at France. The plan is an old one for Russia - they are trying to drive a wedge between Europe and the US.

The problem for the Russians is that it might have worked last year but now??? The Europeans are positively orgasmic about President Obama.

Oh, and what's with the obvious racism in that quotation from the Russian government propaganda. Did Putin or his lick spittle PM actually say that???

USWest said...

He didn't say that, the Russian media is saying that.But in Russia, what's the difference between the government and the media?

The Law Talking Guy said...

Putting missiles on Poland's border is purely symbolic. Polish leaders may go bonkers for political reasons, but they leaders also know it has no military effect.

It's actually a little sad. The USSR used to be able to put missiles in Poland. And even to the west of Poland, in Germany. It reminds me of the British troops hanging onto Detroit Michigan for about 5 years after the Revolution largely out of spite.

Raised By Republicans said...

LTG, that's not sad, that's marvelous!!

I think you have lost some perspective about how truly despicable the USSR was.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I meant "sad" as in "pathetic" or "lame."

Raised By Republicans said...

'I meant "sad" as in "pathetic" or "lame."' On that we agree! :-)

OK, my misunderstanding.

The Law Talking Guy said...

It is because I am one of the few who remembers how horrible the USSR was that I am less anxious than most about the current state of the Russian Federation. Also, while I find Soviet WWII kitsch wonderful, I get pretty angry when I see people sporting hammer-and-sickle gear for fashion, since it's a symbol that should be regarded with the same odium as the swastika - a banner under which millions were put to horrible deaths and hundreds of millions were oppressed.