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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nebraska's Second Congressional District

Word comes today that Obama is expected to pick up an extra electoral vote from Nebraska (which splits its electoral votes) because of Omaha in the 2nd Congressional district. If so, this will be the first time Nebraska has ever split its electoral votes (Maine also allows them to be split, but has never done so). McCain leads by 500 votes now, but there are 17,000 early votes left to be counted, and Obama has been winning 61% of them. If so, this puts Obama at 365 to 173 for McCain. It also means that Obama could have reached 270 (or tied at 269) under a number of scenarios not previously contemplated.

Obama winning an electoral vote in Nebraska is absolutely breathtaking.


Raised By Republicans said...

Way to go Omaha!

I go to Omaha fairly frequently and I like that town. Omaha is a growing city that is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan. It's also quite diverse in the sense that there is a large African American community there. Katrina brought a slight influx of African Americans from New Orleans.

This is yet another sign of the political consequences of urbanization in America.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I should have called this post "Obamaha"

The Law Talking Guy said...

All major news organizations are calling Omaha (NE-2) for Obama! Nebraska will probably shift to a WTA system after this. But it's awesome.

Final count: 365-173!