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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Worth a Read

In the July issue of the New Yorker, Sey Hersh is back on the Administration's Plan for Iran It's worth a read. Want to listen instead? Hersh talks about it in detail with Fresh Air.

Among the more interesting parts:

Congress has a hard time controlling the President's escalation with Iran because he has intertwined CIA ops (which have to be reported to Congress) with military intelligence op, using Joint Special Operations Command -JSOC(Which are not briefed to Congress). Because of this, it makes it impossible for Congress to monitor what is going on or to even get to the bottom of who's doing what. The Administration is playing its old games of expanding presidential power so that it can run military operations anywhere, any time.

Admiral Fallon was let go because he succeeded in preventing war with Iran. He had managed to forge a special relationship with the Special Operations guys, thereby gaining some control over what they were doing in Iran. But Cheney shut him down.

In recent months, there has been a surge of violence in Iran believed to be linked to Special ops and CIA action in the area. Our guys have been passing money around to minority dissident groups in Iran and suddenly bombs go off that kill high ranking Iranian military personnel. Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner says that hardly a day goes by now when there isn't a report in the Iranian controlled press about violence or clashes somewhere in Iran and that the press is very openly describing the killings going on.

Back in January, Admiral Cosgriff defused tension after he announced that aggressive moves against 3 Navy warships 5 five Iranian patrol boats in the Strait of Hormuz were probably Iranian Revolutionary Guard, but that threats against the ships that came over ship-to-ship radio were probably the results of a known prankster in the area. Cheney's office was angry that Cosgriff had been successful at defusing the situation and held meetings in his office on how to create a casus belli between Tehran and Washington.

We are funding groups and training them that are on the terrorist watch list.

This Administration will do whatever it wants. I promise you that if Obama wins, Bush will do something to spark armed conflict with Iran because he will be convinced that Obama won't do this. And if McCain wins, McCain would do it anyway. We are headed to armed conflict.


Dr. Strangelove said...

Thank you for the link, USWest! Very interesting article. Disturbing. I hope you are wrong about sparking an armed conflict with Iran if Obama wins... Before I read this article, I would have bet heavily against it. Now I am not quite so sure...

USwest said...

Military circles are looking for an "October Surprise". The military is strongly against esclation. It would be totally counter productive. But this may turn out to be another "Cheney war". Iran has threated to close down the Gulf, thereby stopping oil, if any aggressive move is taken against Iran. Are you ready for rationing?

History Buff said...

I heard about the official history of the Iraq War the other day on Fresh Air (not too long after the Hersh interview). The Colonel (can't remember his name) was blaming a lot of Generals for not standing up to the administration--do y'all think this will have any effect in this situation??

USWest said...

Nope. It won't, History Buff. I'd be surprsied if they have even read it or care to. This Administration eschews any information that it doesn't want to hear. It attacks and vilifies the nay-sayers and moves ahead. It is even more dangerous now because Bush is not up for re-election. So there is nothing holding these guys back.

The Law Talking Guy said...

There is one thing we can hope for. The Republicans in Congress still have their asses to save, and they don't want another ruinous war with Iran, no matter how much they endorse saber-rattling. They will restrain the President. Remember Harriet Miers (Supreme Court). Bush isn't in control of everything. And our allies aren't on board. Bush/cheney also not bright. They can be outmaneuvered, as they were by the release of the national intelligence estimate on Iran last Fall.